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How to Access Facebook in China

Many of us travel to China, some on business, and a lot of us for pleasure. One of the very common questions that always comes up when I, or one of my friends is planning their upcoming and exciting trip to China is how to access Facebook in China A very reasonable question indeed, since the […]

Facebook Social Media law in Russia

In May of 2014 Russia passed a new law, called the Facebook social media law in China. The meaning of the social media law is that companies must register as organizers of information distribution, companies must agree to store their users’ information on servers in Russia. Maxim Ksenzov, deputy head of the Russian Federal Service for Supervision […]

Instagram is Blocked in China

China has done it again, they have just blocked another social media website. Why, you ask? Because people went out and demonstrated. The answer to demonstrating is that instagram is blocked in China now. Another social media platform has joined the internet censorship in China along with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on. If you are […]

Unblock Proxy China

How to use unblock proxy China to access Facebook in China, you ask? Then you have come to the right place. I will tell you exactly how to get access to this great web proxy in minutes, really! Since this is a proxy service and not a VPN (virtual private network) there is nothing to download […]

Access and Unblock Twitter in Turkey

According to news reports Turkey has just blocked Twitter. Demonstrations have begun and the search for ways to access and unblock Twitter in Turkey has begun. We can now add another country to the growing list of countries who ban their citizens of the freedom of the internet, or the way I see it is, […]

Unblock YouTube with Unblock Proxy

Are you preparing for your trip to China and trying to figure out how to unblock YouTube? Which China proxy or VPN to use while you are on your trip, or you have arrived and realized that you cannot view YouTube, access Facebook in China, and unblock Twitter and Google. You can easily access and unblock […]