How to Access Facebook in China

Many of us travel to China, some on business, and a lot of us for pleasure. One of the very common questions that always comes up when I, or one of my friends is planning their upcoming and exciting trip to China is how to access Facebook in China and for that I have been using for one reason:  They let me try it for free. I hate it when websites make you pay and signup before showing you that their service really works. reasonable question indeed, since the internet is blocked behind the great firewall of China. If you would like to access Facebook as well as have the ability to unblock YouTube you had better prepare ahead of time and find a China proxy service that will allow you to get around the tight internet censorship.

how to access facebook in china


  • Secure web based proxy – Make sure that the server you are using is a secure URL. It will show in the address bar as https:// The S at the end of the http is short for Secure. Very important. You do not want to use an un-secure China proxy to access Facebook in China.
  • Speed – You want to know that the speed of your web proxy is good. It is so frustrating when you are trying to go to a website and it takes forever to load. I have had that issue with previous free proxy service and it was VERY  frustrating…. Which brings me to my next point….
  • Free Trial – The best way to test a service is with a free trial proxy offer. What impressed me about proxy center is that in order to be able to use the free trial, all you have to do is click on the free trial link, and that’s all. They don’t ask for any payment information or email address, absolutely no personal information is required to be able to use this offer. Most companies want your financial and personal information before they allow you to use a free trial. You can access Facebook in China with this web proxy using the trial offered and see for yourself how great this service works. During the trial go ahead and unblock YouTube and access Facebook to see how fantastic it works as well.
  • Payment plans – There are three different payment plans. this is quite convenient and makes it so easy to choose a plan that works best for the amount of time that you will be spending in China. You can choose the bi-monthly, the semi annual or the annual.
  • Support – You want to know that if you have an issue or a question, that it will be dealt with and handled quickly and professionally. From experience, the support team has always been quick to answer any and all of my questions, in a friendly and timely manner.
  • Another winning factor to this internet proxy is that if you are not satisfied, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee!


In short, if you are looking for how to access Facebook in China with a reliable service, this really is the best web proxy service out there, and I really recommend it!

*…..and don’t worry! If you have not planned ahead of time, you can always sign up to this China proxy service from anywhere in the world, and log in from anywhere in the world! 🙂

how to access facebook in china





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Facebook Social Media law in Russia

In May of 2014 Russia passed a new law, called the Facebook social media law in China. The meaning of the social media law is that companies must register as organizers of information distribution, companies must agree to store their users’ information on servers in Russia. Maxim Ksenzov, deputy head of the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media has confirmed that several internet companies have already signed up.  Such as social networking service VKontakte, the search engine Yandex, and webmail service have already registered. Companies that do not register, will get blocked. Internet censorship in Russia, in 2014.
What does the Facebook social media in Russia law mean? It means that if you use social media, your information will be stored with the Russian government. This feels like the first step towards possibly blocking Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all together. That would cause an uproar. The ineternet censorship is not something new. For example, China has many blocked websites, called the great firewall of China. Facebook is blocked in Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan… You get the idea.

so, how do you get around the internet censorship? How do you avoid having your information registered? It’s simple. If you have never heard of these solutions before, they are called VPN’s or Proxies. What a proxy does is hides your IP address so that you are surfing the web from another country. A country where Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not blocked and censored.

At this point, Facebook social media law in Russia means that your information will be stored. In the future, if Russia does block these social media websites, it will be impossible to access and unblock blocked sites without a web proxy service.

A web proxy service can be used from any country around the world, it does not have to be specific to one country. If you sign up for an internet proxy in China, you can use it in Russia, or Turkey… or anywhere.

I suggest trying this web proxy free trial Enjoy your freedom to get around the Facebook social media law in Russia!


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Instagram is Blocked in China

China has done it again, they have just blocked another social media website. Why, you ask? Because people went out and demonstrated. The answer to demonstrating is that instagram is blocked in China now. Another social media platform has joined the internet censorship in China along with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on. If you are trying to figure out how to unblock blocked sites in China, read on.
How it all began – The Great Firewall of China also known as the Golden Shield Project:

China has always tried controlling the internet, it has become more and more difficult as the years go by, and the Chinese government continue censoring and blocking more websites. It does make sense, since we continuously have talented people creating and coming up with new ideas. This is where it struck a chord with myself. I was traveling to China, and just a month before my trip was scheduled, in 2008, Facebook was blocked. That gave me a few weeks time to do some thorough research so that I could figure out how I was going to access Facebook in China with the most reliable China proxy service.

At the time, I guess you can say I was somewhat lucky. I was in China for that short period of time where China decided to unblock YouTube. So, I couldn’t access Facebook, however, YouTube was not an issue. Keeping that glass half full!… Not for long, though. After the initial YouTube censorship which lasted from October 2007 – March 2008, Mainland China decided to go back and block YouTube in March of 2009. YouTube is blocked in China ever since. The Chinese government will not confirm whether or not they have blocked YouTube, however, it is pretty obvious…. It may take you a few clicks of refreshing your browser until you realize that yes, YouTube is blocked in China as well.

So, back to the fresh newly released bit of information that Instagram is blocked in china Apparently there was quite a demonstration in Hong Kong, where many people were uploading photos onto Instagram with hashtags such as  #occupycentral as well as #occupyHK Hmmmm…. Guess the big brother didn’t like that all that much! And then there was Instagram! Sad. However, the photos along with the hashtags are already all over the place.

So, instagram is blocked in China… Lets figure this one out. I use one solution for all of the blocked sites in China that I need to access. As I have mentioned, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are part of the growing list of sites blocked in China. The list just keep growing. However, there is a solution to this. The solution to unblock blocked sites is called a China proxy.

China Proxy Free Trial!

what does China proxy give you access to? First of all, there are too many blocked websites in China to even begin to list them all. I am sure I would miss many of them. However, I can tell you what I use the China proxy for. I am able to access Facebook in China and unblock YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and WordPress…. this is an excellent solution for people doing business in China, who don’t want to leave all of their social media back at home. If you work in marketing, it is essential to have access to these websites.

To make things as easy and simple as possible, this China proxy service gives out a free trial. When I say gives out, all you really have to do is go to their website and click on the free trial button, and the session begins. No questions asked. That includes not being asked for any of your personal information in order to start using the free trial. I recommend giving it a try. Instagram is blocked in China… Not anymore!








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Unblock Proxy China

How to use unblock proxy China to access Facebook in China, you ask? Then you have come to the right place. I will tell you exactly how to get access to this great web proxy in minutes, really! Since this is a proxy service and not a VPN (virtual private network) there is nothing to download or install, so you can literally be signed back into Facebook and YouTube within five minutes or so!
Here are a few great reasons to chose to use an unblock proxy China

  • No need to download
  • No installation
  • No risk of downloading a virus, since there is nothing to download
  • Free trial
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Great support team
  • Great proxy surfing – You won’t even feel that you’re surfing through a web proxy
  • convenient payment options
  • 3 different subscription options
  • You can unblock YouTube!
  • Access Facebook in China!
  • Unblock blocked sites!
  • Secure unblock proxy China which means that the address looks like this: https:// and not just http:// you DO want to use a secure connection!

All of this for about $6 a month! For $6 a month I would say that it is totally worth having the ability to access Facebook in China as well as many other blocked sites with unblock proxy China!

Unless you prefer to stay disconnected in China, I recommend you sign up for this web proxy! If you still are not convinced, that’s what the FREE TRIAL is for! Test out your websites now with the unblock proxy China free trial offer. Check your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest…. and more! I know that I won’t travel to China without my web proxy. What about you?

Did you know that news sites are censored as well? You will only be able to see whatever they choose to broadcast. Which means that CNN in china won’t be the same as CNN in another country. they will only show what they choose to show. I know that I want to be able to read the news from all over the world, without it being blocked by the great firewall of China.

unblock proxy china



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Proxy Vietnam

Use this Proxy Vietnam guide which will take you through a step by step explanation to get you back onto Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in minutes!

One of the first things you want to look for when searching for the best proxy service available is that it is a secure service. The way you can see that a website is secure is by looking at the address of the website. For example: the address will show https:// and not just http:// the S for secure proxy being the keyword.

The proxy Vietnam service that I have been using for years is secure, and they offer a free trial. It doesn’t get much better than that!

proxy vietnam

Lets get started with the signup steps:

  • Go to the web proxy Vietnam website
  • You can read the reviews on the page, or…
  • Click on the sign up button
  • Now you have reached the subscription option plan. Are you traveling for fun, for a short time? Traveling for a few months, or even for a year or more? Studying in Vietnam? You will be happy to see that there are a few options to choose from.  This really makes it quite easy to choose a plan when there are a few options available.
  1. Bi-monthly – Two month subscription
  2. Semi-annual – Six month subscription
  3. Annual – One year subscription
  • Okay, now that you have chosen your plan, you are going to click on Checkout and enter your payment details
  • Now that the signup process has been completed, you should receive your log-in information to your inbox within minutes!

Proxy Vietnam Free Trial!

If you are still not convinced enough hat this is the best proxy go ahead and feel free to try it out first! You will not have to provide any personal information or payment details in order to use the free trial! Go ahead, try it out!


proxy vietnam


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Access and Unblock Twitter in Turkey

According to news reports Turkey has just blocked Twitter. Demonstrations have begun and the search for ways to access and unblock Twitter in Turkey has begun. We can now add another country to the growing list of countries who ban their citizens of the freedom of the internet, or the way I see it is, freedom of speech. President Erdogan blames the internet and says it is a menace to society. Each human being should be able to decide for themselves whether or not Facebook and Twitter are platforms they would like to use. No one else should have the ability to take their freedom of using Facebook and Twitter in Turkey away.

Fortunately, for those who would like to access and unblock  Twitter in Turkey as well as thousands of other blocked sites, there are services who provide just that. I recommend using a proxy server which many people in China use, and can be used from anywhere in the world. People who live or travel to Turkey can have the ability to access blocked sites with either a VPN service or with a proxy service which will give you the ability to unblock blocked sites. I highly recommend using This is a secure web based proxy server which will change your IP address to a county where the internet is not censored. You will be able to access and unblock Twitter in Turkey within minutes of signing up to Proxy Center.


access and unblock twitter in turkey

The signup process to this service is very simple, so if you are not a technical person, don’t worry. You don’t have to install or download anything onto your computer, which is another reason I found this to be so user friendly. Once you have taken the three to five minutes to sign up you will receive your log-in information within minutes.

If you would like to check the service out first, and make sure that all of the websites you would like to use, work and that you can access and unblock Twitter in Turkey, there is a free trial which you can definitely use to to check that. The great thing about the free trial that this Twitter proxy offers is that they don’t ask for any information in order to use this. When other services offer a free trial and then they also ask for your credit card information it can be very frustrating. This proxy site does not ask for any payment information or email address when allowing people to use the free trial.

Continue reading about the service I recommend!

Don’t forget to use the free trial! You can be signed up to access and unblock Twitter in Turkey in minutes!

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