Access and Unblock Twitter in Turkey

According to news reports Turkey has just blocked Twitter. Demonstrations have begun and the search for ways to access and unblock Twitter in Turkey has begun. We can now add another country to the growing list of countries who ban their citizens of the freedom of the internet, or the way I see it is, freedom of speech. President Erdogan blames the internet and says it is a menace to society. Each human being should be able to decide for themselves whether or not Facebook and Twitter are platforms they would like to use. No one else should have the ability to take their freedom of using Facebook and Twitter in Turkey away.

Fortunately, for those who would like to access and unblock  Twitter in Turkey as well as thousands of other blocked sites, there are services who provide just that. I recommend using a proxy server which many people in China use, and can be used from anywhere in the world. People who live or travel to Turkey can have the ability to access blocked sites with either a VPN service or with a proxy service which will give you the ability to unblock blocked sites. I highly recommend using This is a secure web based proxy server which will change your IP address to a county where the internet is not censored. You will be able to access and unblock Twitter in Turkey within minutes of signing up to Proxy Center.


access and unblock twitter in turkey

The signup process to this service is very simple, so if you are not a technical person, don’t worry. You don’t have to install or download anything onto your computer, which is another reason I found this to be so user friendly. Once you have taken the three to five minutes to sign up you will receive your log-in information within minutes.

If you would like to check the service out first, and make sure that all of the websites you would like to use, work and that you can access and unblock Twitter in Turkey, there is a free trial which you can definitely use to to check that. The great thing about the free trial that this Twitter proxy offers is that they don’t ask for any information in order to use this. When other services offer a free trial and then they also ask for your credit card information it can be very frustrating. This proxy site does not ask for any payment information or email address when allowing people to use the free trial.

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Don’t forget to use the free trial! You can be signed up to access and unblock Twitter in Turkey in minutes!

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  2. Jamie says:

    Thanks very helpful blog!

  3. Alanna B says:

    Glad I discovered this on google. So helpful.

  4. Ezequiel says:

    signed up before I left to Shanghai, am back now and recommending the china proxy to my friends.

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