Facebook Social Media law in Russia

In May of 2014 Russia passed a new law, called the Facebook social media law in China. The meaning of the social media law is that companies must register as organizers of information distribution, companies must agree to store their users’ information on servers in Russia. Maxim Ksenzov, deputy head of the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media has confirmed that several internet companies have already signed up.  Such as social networking service VKontakte, the search engine Yandex, and webmail service Mail.ru have already registered. Companies that do not register, will get blocked. Internet censorship in Russia, in 2014.
What does the Facebook social media in Russia law mean? It means that if you use social media, your information will be stored with the Russian government. This feels like the first step towards possibly blocking Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all together. That would cause an uproar. The ineternet censorship is not something new. For example, China has many blocked websites, called the great firewall of China. Facebook is blocked in Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan… You get the idea.

so, how do you get around the internet censorship? How do you avoid having your information registered? It’s simple. If you have never heard of these solutions before, they are called VPN’s or Proxies. What a proxy does is hides your IP address so that you are surfing the web from another country. A country where Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not blocked and censored.

At this point, Facebook social media law in Russia means that your information will be stored. In the future, if Russia does block these social media websites, it will be impossible to access and unblock blocked sites without a web proxy service.

A web proxy service can be used from any country around the world, it does not have to be specific to one country. If you sign up for an internet proxy in China, you can use it in Russia, or Turkey… or anywhere.

I suggest trying this web proxy free trial Enjoy your freedom to get around the Facebook social media law in Russia!


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